Hardwood Floor Cleaning Service

Updated: Feb 23

Stat Carpet Cleaning provides hardwood floor cleaning service

throughout Louisville, KY and the surrounding areas. Hardwood floors need to be maintained just like other floor surfaces in your home. If your hardwood floors have started to look dull, have scuffs, very minor scratches it may be time to get them cleaned and apply a new surface finish which both adds shine and protects the floor and your investment.

Our hardwood floor cleaning process is very simple. We will first stop by your home and walk through the areas you are looking to have cleaned. This allows us to ensure your hardwood floors are a good fit for our cleaning process, provide you with a quote, and schedule a time if you like for the cleaning.

The first step in cleaning your hardwood floors is preparing them for cleaning which means vacuuming and sweeping up any small debris. After that we spray a light mist of hardwood cleaner onto the surface of your hardwood floors and use our rotary machine with a soft bonnet to get up any dirt, oil, and grease that is on the surface of the hardwood floors, we then apply a soft buffing pad and begin dry buffing the floor which helps restore shine to the floor. If you have purchased a finishing coat the product we use will add shine, protection, and conceal very minor scratches. This process involves using a secondary buffing pad, running over the floor with with the soft bonnets again, and then using a flat mop to spread the finish onto the floor. The finish need 24 hours before any major traffic can happen and 48 hours before moving furniture back onto the floor.

If Stat Carpet Cleaning can be of service please don't hesitate to call us at (502) 702-1270 to schedule your free estimate.

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