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area rug cleaning in Louisville, KY

Area Rug Cleaning

Professional area rug cleaning in Louisville, KY

Stat Carpet Cleaning provides onsite area rug cleaning for basic synthetic and wool area rugs. Our area rug cleaning process is designed to remove dirt, oil, and grease from the fibers leaving it clean and fresh. We also offer pet stain and odor treatment options.

Our cleaning process starts with thorough vacuuming your area rug. Pre-spray is applied after vacuuming to start breaking down whatever soiling is in your area rug. We will scrub the rug if synthetic (wool rugs typically aren't scrubbed). The final step is rinsing and extracting all contaminants from the area rug.

We carry a wide assortment of specialty spotters for ink, grease, red spots, and other specialized spot treatment. Give us a call at (502) 702-1270 to learn more or book online

Don't Just Clean. Protect!

Protect your area rugs with our fiber protector (Scotchgard protection). This protection can really help active families with children and pets. Frequent traffic can take a toll on your area rugs. Consider protecting to help reduce and prevent the wear and tear that comes from high traffic, spills, and accidents.

Our Protector forms a thin layer of protection over the top of your area rug fibers that help them resist staining and abrasion caused by high traffic, spills, and soils brought in on the soles of your shoes.

Tip: Consider which area rugs will get the most traffic. Protecting these rugs will protect your investment while allowing your to get a longer life out of the rug. Typically we recommend placing expensive area rugs in low traffic areas to get the maximum life. 

Rug Cleaning with Scotchgard protection
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