Carpet after Steam Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning service is designed to leave your carpet clean and fresh. It starts with quality pre-sprays and spotters designed to clean everything from light to heavily soiled carpets. Pre-scrubbing is used for high-traffic areas breaking loose soil from the carpet fibers. Truck-mounted steam cleaning with a rinse solution then flushes soils and allergens out of your carpet leaving it clean and soft. Dry times generally range between 6-8 hours depending on environmental conditions. Learn More >

Upholstery Cleaning

Our quality upholstery cleaning service can change the look and feel of the room. Upholstery cleaning not only maintains but lengthens the life of your furniture. Our process involves applying a generous amount of upholstery pre-spray to the furniture before agitating the upholstery fibers. Agitation gives the solution time to work while breaking loose soils from the fibers. We then use steam cleaning to flush and rinse the fibers leaving them fresh and clean! Generally drys in 2-3 hours. Learn More >

cleaning upholstery with tool
Tile and Grout Cleaning with Tool

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Save your back with our tile and grout cleaning service that removes film from your tile and dirt from your grout. Over time film can buildup on your tile from different cleaning solutions and traffic. You may also notice discoloration of your grout lines caused by dirt and particles getting into the grout. The cleaning pre-spray and rotary scrubbing action we use are designed to break down films and soils allowing them to be extracted during the steam cleaning process.  Learn More >

Spot & Odor Removal

Stat Carpet Cleaning spot and odor removal service is all about getting your carpet back to looking good and smelling fresh. We have quality spotters designed for just about every type of spot you can imagine. With difficult spots, rest assured that we will use our large arsenal of quality spotters before declaring a spot a permanent stain. Also ask about our pet enzyme treatment designed to remove pet stains and neutralize odors. Learn More >

cute puppy on furniture
Clean Vinyl Floor in Kitchen
Vinyl Floor Cleaning

Our vinyl floor cleaning service is similar in process to our tile and grout cleaning service. We start by applying generous amount of pre-spray designed for vinyl floors (this solution helps with film buildup, soiling, and sometimes limited color leeching issues). After applying the pre-spray we scrub the floor with a mild brush. Finally, we use a medium pressure, low heat rinse. This process provides quality cleaning while preventing the floor from being damaged or the adhesive from breaking down.  Learn More >

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Are your hardwood floors scuffed,dirty, scratched, or lacking shine. Our hardwood floor cleaning services is designed to restore them back to close to their original state. Our pre-spray is designed specifically for hardwood & laminate floor cleaning. We then use a rotary machine with a pad designed specifically for polishing hardwood floors. We also offer a semi-gloss and gloss finish that helps brighten and cover scratches.  Learn More >

Bright and Clean Hardwood Floor
Clean White Mattress
Mattress Cleaning

We clean traditional style nylon mattresses. Sleeping on a clean mattress not only makes you feel better but can improve health by removing soils and allergens. (Unfortunately, we are unable to clean pillow-top or memory foam mattresses). The process we use involves applying a solution that is designed to clean and sanitize. We then agitate the surface and finally use high heat to steam clean leaving you with a clean and fresh mattress that you can feel comfortable sleeping on.    Learn More >

At Stat Carpet Cleaning providing great service to our customers in Louisville Kentucky and the surrounding areas is our top priority. We want to not only meet but exceed your expectations in the quality of the work provided. We stand 100% behind our work providing each customer with a satisfaction guarantee. We play fair, which is why we list our service prices upfront online and have no hidden fees. Finally, we are IICRC certified carpet cleaners and fully insured. We believe every customer relationship is built on these principles.

Our Company

At Stat Carpet Cleaning we are all about taking care of our customers. Locally owned and operated we proudly serve Louisville and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to turn each customer into a client for life!


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