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How we Clean Carpets

We use High-Heat Steam Cleaning also known as Hot Water Extraction to clean your carpet. Hot Water Extraction is the recommended method for cleaning your carpet by carpet manufacturers and protects your warranty.

The cleaning process starts with applying cleaning agents. We carry a wide assortment of cleaning agents on our van so rest assured we have the necessary solutions to get the job done safely and effectively. 

Scrubbing increases the effectiveness of our cleaning agents, breaks down soils, and digs out debris from deep in your carpet. 

The Final Step is Steam Cleaning the carpet which includes rinse and extraction from the carpet. Dry times range from 10-12 hours depending on conditions.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Stat Carpet Cleaning provides commercial carpet cleaning services for small office spaces, banquet halls, and restaurants.


We offer two cleaning processes including High Heat Hot Water Extraction and Low-Moisture Encapsulation Cleaning dependent on the situation.


Prices starting at 16 cents a square foot. Put our training, experience, selection of cleaning agents and equipment to work for you. All service comes with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Give us a call at (502) 702-1270 to schedule a free quote!

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Pet Stain Treatment

Don't Let Pet Stains and Odors get you down! Stat Carpet Cleaning is here to help. At Stat Carpet Cleaning we love pets and the majority of our customers have pets. Pet Stains and Odors is a common issue that we are happy to help with. 

When addressing pet stains and odors we use a high-quality organic pre-spray that is extremely effective when it comes to removing pet stains and neutralizing odors. We apply the pre-spray across the entire room being treated (this is not spot treatment) This ensures we are treating everything. We then agitate the area and allow a proper dwell time before taking our time rinsing and extracting. We use ultraviolet light to help with detection when needed. A water claw can be used for those stains that have soaked deep into the carpet and padding.


Scotchgard Protection

Scotchguard Protection is a service we offer and considered by many to be the lifeblood of your carpet.

For active families with young children and pets where spills, accidents, and high traffic are constant Scotchguard protection can help protect your investment in your carpet.


Scotchguard forms a thin layer over the top of your carpet fibers that help them resist staining and abrasion caused by high traffic and soiling from the soles of your shoes.


(Tip: consider what rooms or areas get the most traffic and have the greatest chance for food and drink spills. These are the areas where the money is best spend providing protection).

Rug with Scotchguard protection