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Cleaning hardwood floor

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Service

Stat Carpet Cleaning in Louisville is here to help you with maintaining and cleaning your hardwood floors. If it's been a while since you've had your floor professionally cleaned it may be time to take advantage of our hardwood floor cleaning services designed to restore your floors back to their original state.


Our process involves applying a cleaning agent evenly over your hardwood floors and allowing a proper dwell time. The cleaning agent is  designed to break down soiling. Our hardwood floor cleaning machine scrubs, rinses and extracts your floor all in one pass. Rotary buffing can be utilized as an additional service to bring out the original shine of your floor.


The products and equipment we use are designed to clean and polish your floors restoring their natural shine. This cleaning process is designed for floors that have a base polyurethane finish. Call us today at (502) 702-1270!

Wax and Residue Removal

Our hardwood wax and residue removal process is designed to remove products from the surface of your floors that should not be there. We have special cleaning agents designed to break down the wax and residue allowing them to be removed from your floor.


What are the signs to look for? If you see footprints in your floor, scratches that occur with ease, dull or cloudy spots in area of your floor, or peeling from the floor can all be signs your floor has wax or residue sitting on the surface. The reason this happens is the products are not designed to bond with the floor and are sitting on the surface.


​We have cleaning agents, tools, and equipment designed to break down and remove the wax and residue from your floor. It's important to get this removed as quickly as possible when you realize the problem because these products can cause damage to your floor over time. Give us a call or book online today.

removing wax and residue from hardwood floor
protected hardwood floor

Hardwood Floor Protection

Applying a Protective finish can add shine to your hardwood floors while protecting your investment, and making it easier to clean and maintain your floors. Protection is only applied to solid wood floors. Engineered hardwood floors are not able to accept a protective wear layer.

This process involves our hardwood floor cleaning process followed by a light scrub, vacuum, and tacking of the floor to prep it for the product and allow proper adhesion to the floor.

We offer a satin and gloss finish which can be applied after the cleaning is complete. It is important to stay off the floors for the first 3-4 hours after application. You can then walk on your floor with socked feet. Allow 12-24 hours before carefully picking up and setting furniture back in place (No dragging of furniture as it will scuff the floor. 48 hours for complete cure of floor finish required).

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