Wooden Floor

How we Clean Wood Floors

Are your hardwood or engineered floors beginning to look dirty, rough, scratched or simply lack shine? It may be time to have a professional clean your hardwood floors and restore them back near their original state.


We use rotary buffing to clean and shine your hardwood floors. Our high-quality cleaning solutions can be used for hardwood and don't forget to ask about laminate floor cleaning.


The products and equipment we use are designed to clean and polish your floor restoring it to original shine. This cleaning process is designed for floors that have a base polyurethane finish.


Floors that have been cleaned using products such as mop and glow will require additional time and specialty cleaning products to remove acrylic wax buildup on the floor. The signs for acrylic wax or residue buildup include foot prints, light scratches that occur with ease, dull or cloudy spots in different areas of the floor, peeling from the floor can all be signs your floor is in need of a professional cleaning.

Wood Floor Protection

Applying a Protective finish can add shine to your hardwood floors while protecting your investment, and making it easier to clean and maintain your floors. Protection is only applied to solid wood floors. Engineered hardwood floors will not be able to accept a protective wear layer.

We offer a satin and gloss finish which can be applied after the cleaning is complete. It is important to stay off the floors for the first 3-4 hours after applying the finish. At this point you can safely walk on the floor with socked feet. Allow 12-24 hours before carefully picking up and setting furniture back in place (Please be careful not to drag the furniture as it will scuff and scratch the new finish). in 24 - 48 hours you can go back to regular use of your floor.

When you need your hardwood floors cleaned, Stat Carpet Cleaning is here to help remove the dirt, grime, and scuff marks ensuring your floor looks great again. Simply give us a call at (502) 702-1270 and we will be happy to put our experience to work for you!

Wood Floor with Finish