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Fundamentals of Quality Carpet Cleaning

Every quality carpet cleaning job starts with conducting a walk-through with the customer so you examine and understand the customers concerns. I have often mentioned that at Stat Carpet Cleaning we spend the time necessary to get each job done right. This is because time is important for achieving the best results with many different types of carpet cleaning jobs.

The four fundamental factors to understand related to providing quality carpet cleaning service are chemical action, agitation, time, and temperature (heat). These factors can be thought of in a pie chart where the four pieces can increase or decrease based on circumstances of each individual job. In my opinion, quality cleaning solutions are of the utmost importance and all cleaning solutions require a minimum period of time to work properly. For a carpet that contains heavy soil, and grease I would want to use a quality pre-spray designed to surround soils and emulsify oils. A quality pre-spray will probably need 15-30 minutes on the carpet to achieve the best results. In a separate example a bad pet urine treatment job may require forty five minutes to an hour of dwell time in the carpet to properly work on the carpet, and get down into the padding.

Agitation may not be required in all applications but is very important for heavily soiled carpets and pet treatment jobs. Agitation helps to suspend soils and raises the matted pile of the carpet. It also aids in distributing the pre-conditioning agents. While a hand brush can suffice in certain instances like a small spot or stairs, it is preferable to use a rotary machine or counter rotating brush machine. Machines will always outperform hand scrubbing and save time and effort for large jobs.

Temperature (heat) is the last fundamental element. Higher temperatures help with breaking down the bonds between soils and your carpet fibers while improving the effectiveness of the cleaning solution. In many cases with quality pre-spray when the temperature increases above 118 degrees the chemical activity will double. Think about when you wash you dishes and how much easier it is to clean with a good detergent, brush and proper heat.

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