Kitchen with Clean Vinyl Floor

How we Clean Vinyl Floors

Has your vinyl floor seen better days? Locally owned Stat Carpet Cleaning in Louisville, KY is here to help with our vinyl floor cleaning service which can bring life back to that old rough looking vinyl floor. We use the best equipment, solutions, and experience to clean and brighten your floor.


The process starts with applying a solution specifically designed for vinyl floor cleaning. After the solution is applied, we use a rotary scrubbing machine to agitate the solution on the floor. The agitation not only allows the solution to be applied evenly across the floor but also allows the dwell time necessary for the best results. The final step is to go over the floor with a low pressure, low heat rinse that will not harm the adhesive backing of your vinyl floor. (Tip: Clean your vinyl floors daily if possible using a neutral cleaner. Try to cleanup spills immediately when possible. If you need to mop the floor use warm water instead of hot.)